Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In His Keeping by Maya Banks {Book Review}

In His Keeping (Slow Burn #2)
by Maya Banks

#1 bestselling author Maya Banks continues her suspenseful and steamy Slow Burn trilogy with this second book-a twisting tale featuring a strong yet vulnerable heroine in danger and the sexy alpha hero who must save her.

Abandoned as a baby to a young wealthy couple and raised in a world of privilege, Arial has no hint of her past or who she belonged to. Her only link lies in the one thing that sets her apart from everyone else—telekinetic powers. Protected by her adoptive parents and hidden from the public to keep her gift secret, Ari is raised in the lap of luxury, and isolation. That is, until someone begins threatening her life.

Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. As the head of Deveraux Security, he’s more than familiar with the realities of physic powers. So when a family friend approaches him about protecting his daughter, he’s more than ready to jump on board. What Beau isn’t prepared for is the extent of his attraction to his beautiful and powerful client. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. Even if it costs him his life.

After reading (and loving) Keep Me Safe, the first book in Maya Banks' Slow Burn trilogy, I knew I had to get my grabby hands on In His Keeping ASAP and though I went in with high hopes, Ms. Banks did not disappoint! In fact, I liked In His Keeping even more than Keep Me Safe, which is a rarity for me as I almost never enjoy the second book in a series as much as the first.

The book actually starts out in Ari's fathers POV which is definitely not what I was expecting. But it did provide a nice background story for how Ari came to be a part of her parents lives. It's actually interesting to be privy to the information long before even Ari herself learned the truth.

The first time we meet Ari, she's now twenty-four years old and is under attack from a disgruntled student. To protect herself she uses her telekinesis, which she has had since she was a baby but her parents taught her to never use it. Of course, what spirals from that one slip up is romantic suspense at it's finest.

Ari's parents have been kidnapped and she seeks out the help of Beau Devereaux to find them. Beau is hard and domineering, but when it comes to Ari, even from the very beginning, he's a big softy and I absolutely love him. He's not afraid to let his feelings and vulnerability show which is a very endearing quality in a hero.

While Ari starts off meek and timid, she quickly morphs into this total badass who will do anything to protect her loved ones. I loved watching her transformation throughout the book and while she was still the kindhearted, gentle person she was in the beginning, by the end she had what it takes to really stand up for herself.

My only complaint would be the lack of sexy times between Ari and Beau. Going into this I expected a lot of steam to go with the suspense, but we actually only get one sex scene which isn't even sexy so much as it is sweet. And while I was disappointed, there was so much else going on that the disappointment didn't last long.

Overall, this was a great paranormal, romantic suspense that I couldn't put down. And now I can't wait for Zack's story in Safe at Last!


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