Saturday, February 21, 2015

Max & Ruby: Sweet Siblings - Now Available on DVD!

Fans won’t want to miss the exciting fun-filled adventures of the dynamic brother-sister duo Max and Ruby in the brand-new DVD, Max & Ruby: Sweet Siblings. The DVD features 12 episodes of the hit Nickelodeon preschool series based on acclaimed author Rosemary Wells’ classic children’s books.

The Max & Ruby: Sweet Siblings DVD includes the following episodes:

Max Says Hello – Ruby needs to prepare her tea party, but Max is too busy saying “hello” to all his toys to help out.

Ruby’s Spa Day – Ruby and Louise try to have a relaxing spa day but Max insists upon playing his noisy new drum.

Ruby’s Tai Chi – Max’s toys interfere with Ruby and her friends practicing their Tai Chi routine.

Engineer Max – Ruby wants to get Max to Grandma’s house for a special surprise, but Max just wants to ride on the toy train at the store.

Max’s Toy Train – Ruby wants to get ready for a sleepover at Grandma’s, but Max just wants to play with his new train.

Max’s Train Ride – Ruby wants to have a very special dolly tea party with Grandma, but Max wants to go for a train ride.

Max and Ruby’s Train Trip – Max can’t wait to ride on a train, but Ruby knows you have to get on the right train at the right time.

Go To Sleep Max – Ruby wants to go to sleep in their sleeper car. But Max just wants to stay up.

Conductor Max – Ruby wants to give Aunt Claire and Uncle Nate a card, but Max is intrigued with the conductor’s hat.

Space Bunny – Ruby wants to make a scrapbook for Grandma while Max is acting out the adventures of “Space Bunny!”

Max’s Sprinkler – Ruby wants to have a perfect Summer Fashion Party, but Max is intent on playing with the sprinkler.

Max’s Pogo Stick – Ruby wants to surprise Grandma by planting daisies in her garden, while Max is trying to learn how to hop on a pogo stick.

Max & Ruby: Sweet Siblings is now available for a suggested retail price of $14.99.


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