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Finding Judgement by Natalie Gayle {eBook Review}

Finding Judgement (Centre Games #2)
by Natalie Gayle

Rory Southall’s dreams have been haunted by the beautiful blonde pixie he’d helped three months ago. Imagine his surprise when his next assignment is to investigate none other than the very same woman.

TJ Walsh is holding on to her family’s trucking company by a thread. For the last two and a half years, she’s been trying to keep the debt-ridden business afloat and her family fed. She’s driven and desperate to make ends meet. But she remembers every detail of a chance meeting three months ago with a handsome stranger.

What happens when a simple supply chain investigation morphs into a deadly web of lies and deceit and TJ finds herself squarely in the middle of it? It seems that very same handsome stranger has rescued her again, but how could that be? And how exactly does the illegal genetically modified products he’s investigating have anything to do with her?

How will she cope with knowing the danger is much closer to home than she thought? When everyone seems to be gunning for them, can she find love and salvation with Rory before it’s too late?

I fell in love with Rory in Finding Trust, book one of Natalie Gayle's Centre Games Series, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on his book, Finding Judgement.

After a brief chance encounter in Finding Trust, Rory and TJ haven't been able to get each other out of their heads, so imagine their surprise when TJ is Rory's newest assignment. Rory is working with the Centre to investigate some genetically modified milk which TJ just happens to be transporting, unbeknownst to her, but TJ is actually in a lot more danger than either of them realized.

One thing I've come to love about the Centre Games series is the amount of danger and suspense. Every once in a while I want to read a book that'll keep me on the edge of my seat and Natalie Gayle has definitely managed that with both books I've read so far.

So let's get to the characters, shall we?! Rory... Sigh! I absolutely loved him in the first book and fell even harder in the second. He's the class clown, if you will. Always looking to lighten the mood and bring his friends out of whatever slump they're in. But I loved to see his serious side come out when it came to taking care of TJ and her family.

TJ took me a little while to warm up to but I ended up liking her in the end. She has a lot on her plate and is so used to dealing with everything on her own that it's hard for her to let Rory take the reigns but once she did it was easy to see her for who she really was... A vulnerable woman with way too many responsibilities and no one to help her.

The relationship between TJ and Rory happened super quick... Like in the span of a couple of hours they were calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend... But I really think it worked in this instance. Not to mention the fact that the chemistry between them was off the charts. I do have one serious gripe that I feel needs to be mentioned though... I get that Rory has super senses and can smell way more than your average person but I don't need to hear that he can smell her arousal every other page... I mean, we get that she's aroused, but really! It's just too much to hear about it constantly, at least in my opinion.

While I enjoyed Finding Judgement more than the first book in the series I had a really hard time with the last few chapters. After everything went down, I felt that Rory's reaction and feelings were drastically uncharacteristic, and I'm thinking maybe they were just put in there to add a little conflict to an otherwise perfect relationship. Honestly, I would have been happier without them but that's just my opinion.

Overall, Finding Judgement was a great romantic suspense novel and while I've decided to not go forward with the rest of the series for now, I may come back to it at a later date.

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Finding Judgement in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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