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Harlequin #BlazeBlitz Submissions {Guest Post by Harlequin Blaze Editor Adrienne Macintosh}

If you’re a true Harlequin fan, you know there are some plot devices that are better left to Harlequins of old (no matter what your great-aunt wrote on her death bed, you don’t have to marry a perfect stranger).

But there are some tropes that are popular for a reason, and if done in a fresh, unique way, Harlequin editors love them. I’m currently editing an amnesia story, for example, by Jill Monroe. She came up with a brilliant and sexy twist that makes the story interesting and new.

And you’d think we’d have published every cowboy romance plot possible, but our authors continue to innovate new storylines. For example, New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson has a new trilogy that explores foster brothers raised on ranches but who have contemporary jobs, including one who owns a microbrewery. And she’s just one of several authors who’ve got a cowboy series in Blaze. We really can’t get enough of them, and they’re all different!

New York Times bestselling author Leslie Kelly has an upcoming wealthy tycoon story that’s super contemporary because she makes her heroine every bit as strong and powerful as the hero, creating an intense and ultra-sexy chemistry between the hero and heroine.

Personally, I’ve also got something for the underdogs, the black sheep, the Cinderella stories and the Prodigal sons returning.

That’s not to say that every trope will work for Blaze. I’m not sure it’s the right line for sheiks, for example—and definitely no babies! But if the main characters are strong and relatable and the sex is hot, that’s the story we want.

But wait, there’s more! From March 2-16, we’re hosting the #BlazeBlitz submission blitz—the perfect opportunity for you to get YOUR sexy contemporary romance in front of me and the other Blaze editors. Submit your synopsis and first chapter, we promise to respond with editorial feedback within 45 days. Find out more about #BlazeBlitz at and follow along with the #BlazeBlitz hashtag on Twitter for writing tips and behind-the-scenes fun!

~ Adrienne Macintosh
Editor, Harleqiun Blaze

Harlequin editors are looking for fresh, vibrant voices within the sexy, contemporary romance genre. Think you got what it takes? Learn more info below.

Submission dates: Monday, March 2nd – Monday, March 16th at 11:59 p.m. EST (2 weeks)

Call to action: Do your smokin’ hot heroes and strong, sympathetic heroines burn up the page on their way to their happily ever after? We’re on the lookout for new authors—and you could be the next Blaze Babe! We publish 55,000-word super-sexy contemporary romance novels. Along with great sex scenes, we ask our authors to deliver complex plots and subplots, realistic, engaging characters and an unforgettable love story. Blaze novels are fun, flirty and always steamy!

Writing tips: Follow the #BlazeBlitz hashtag on Twitter for exclusive content, writings tips and more!

What Harlequin Blaze wants:
  • A query letter that introduces your book and includes any previous publishing credits, writing contest wins, or affiliations.
  • A 4-6 page synopsis. We want to know what happens in your book, even the ending! No cliffhangers, please. Show us what drives your story forward, including the internal and external conflicts your hero and heroine face on the road to romance.
  • The first chapter of your manuscript (up to 20 pages).
What you get:
  • A fast response! Skip the slush pile and hear back from Harlequin within 45 days after the submission period ends.
  • Editorial feedback for every sexy contemporary romance received.
  • The possibility of having your novel published in Harlequin’s hottest romance line.
Blaze writing guidelines:

Where to submit: Visit and click ‘#BlazeBlitz Submission Blitz!’

Questions? Message our editors on Twitter @KScheibling, @Dana_Reads, @LauraBarth2011, and @AdrienneApple


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