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Savage Chains by Caris Roane {ARC Review}

Savage Chains
by Caris Roane

Coming March 31, 2015


His name is Reyes. His mission is simple; his methods, extreme. He is hellbent on infiltrating—and destroying—a notorious sex-slave ring in the dangerous world of vampire clubs.


Her name is Angelica. Her beauty is incomparable; her body, for sale. She is the prize attraction in a human slave auction, and Reyes is prepared to pay any price to buy her—then free her.


Disguised as a slaver, Reyes strikes a devil’s bargain to purchase the one woman who has stolen his heart. Angelica feels an irresistible erotic connection to this gorgeous, powerful vampire—but can she trust a man who trafficks in human flesh, even if his hungry gaze ignites her darkest desires? Reyes wants to prove she is more than a slave to him—but can he break the savage chains of destiny that bind his love-scarred soul forever?

I absolutely loved Savage Chains! It just doesn't get any sexier than a smoking hot, tattooed vampire and the woman that teaches him how to love. Let's just say that even though this was my first Caris Roane book it definitely won't be my last!

Angelica is a woman on a mission. She's tired of the rut that she's created for herself and has decided that it's time she take matters into her own hands... Her plan? To bring home the man that she has been lusting after for months.

Reyes is a man on a mission. After escaping from sex slavery he decided to infiltrate the sex slave ring and destroy it. He doesn't have time for distractions and Angelica is a huge distraction.

Unfortunately after Reyes turns Angelica and her tempting offer down, she's abducted by the very same sex slave ring that Reyes has just become a part of. What happens when Reyes finds out that Angelica is next up on the auction block? And how does Angelica feel when she realizes that the man she's been lusting after isn't really who she thought he was? Well, I can't tell you that... But let me tell you this, Savage Chains will take you on a ride you won't want to get off of!

Angelica is a spitfire and I loved her! Even after her abduction and imprisonment, she still refuses to submit. And when she learns of Reyes' intentions, she offers herself up completely selflessly for the greater good. Seriously, I couldn't get enough of this chick! Sure, she had her weak moments, but who wouldn't in her situation?!

And Reyes... Gorgeous, vulnerable, Reyes. I went into this expecting Reyes to be this badass alpha vampire and yes, he was badass in his own right but he was also so vulnerable and I couldn't help but develop a huge soft spot for him. When he first brought Angelica home, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but after he opened up to her I just couldn't wait to see where it would lead.

Now I'm not gonna lie, there were definitely times when I wish Reyes would just grow a pair and handle the situation, but luckily Angelica was there to pull them through. Which beings me to their relationship... I really enjoyed watching their relationship bloom. It started off tentative, which totally makes sense given the situation, but they both came out so much stronger in the end. And the smoking hot sex scenes?! Whew... You'll definitely want to keep a fan and a change of panties handy!

My only complaint would be the lack of an epilogue, which is really just me being greedy and wanting more. Angelica had an adorable vision at the end that I would have loved to have seen more of but I'm definitely satisfied with where it left off.

Now I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the books in this series!

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Disclosure: I was provided with an ARC of Savage Chains in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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