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Tempt the Night by Dixie Lee Brown {Blog Tour & Giveaway}

Tempt the Night (Trust No One #5)
by Dixie Lee Brown

Dixie Lee Brown concludes her thrilling Trust No One series with the fast-paced tale of a damaged hero and the sexy fugitive he can't help falling for.

Samantha "Mac" McCallister barely believes her own tale of dirty cops and murder that landed her in the hands of the sexy Jim Brady. One minute she was enjoying a ride-along in her best friend's cruiser, the next he's dead and she's wanted for his murder. Mac never expected to be hiding out from the law, but with Jim by her side, maybe she can survive long enough to clear her name. The question is, can she survive the way Jim makes her feel?

Former Navy Seal Jim Brady works best under pressure. At least he used to. Now, fighting flashbacks from his time in Iraq, he has given up everything he knows in order to protect the innocent … from himself. So working with a woman on the run from the law? Not in his plans for this lifetime. Still, something about the blue-eyed beauty tells him she's not the source of the danger—she's running from it. Deep down he knows he'll protect her no matter what. But his heart? That's another story.

She couldn’t even think about Paddy. His death was a sorrow that would incapacitate her, and she couldn’t give in to it now. Where could she go and be safe? It would be too dangerous to return home. Simpson and Gallagher would surely search for her there. Were there other dirty cops in on whatever had gone down tonight? How could she trust any of them after what she’d seen? The backup they’d requested had never arrived…or the ambulance. Did that make her friend and co-worker, Lucas, suspect too? No…she’d never believe that, but whoever she went to for help, she’d likely be putting them in danger as well.

On impulse, she pulled out the card Paddy had forced into her hand and shone her flashlight on the lettering. It was one of his business cards, but when she flipped it over, neat handwriting that she didn’t recognize was centered on the back.

Meeting Brady Friday, midnight, 110 Gardner Street.

Thanks for watching my back! M.

No clue what that meant, but if Paddy thought it important enough to hand her moments before he died, you’d better believe she was going to be at that meeting and find out why.

That didn’t help her now, though. She shivered in her light fleece jacket. The dim glow of her watch revealed the time—3:45 am. First light wasn’t far off, but she had eighteen hours to kill before the midnight meeting. Covered with blood, people would be suspicious of her at best. At the worst, they’d call the cops and, with her luck, Gallagher and Simpson would respond. She had to get out of sight before someone spotted her.

Uncle Benji’s fishing boat. It was docked at the marina, and he was in Anchorage for the month. No one would think to look for her there, but she needed to go back to Paddy’s car for her purse. She’d eventually need money and her ID.

Mac made her way back to the shadow of the packing plant. Then she took a wide detour and approached Paddy’s car from the opposite side. Gallagher and Simpson’s cruiser was gone, but they might double back to try and spot her, and she wasn’t taking any chances. Quickly, she grabbed her purse and left the car behind.

The first gray hues of dawn were spreading on the eastern horizon as she hoofed it to the marina, staying in the shadows as much as possible. She found Uncle Benji’s boat and climbed below deck. Then she slid to the floor, hugged her knees to her chest, and finally gave in to the waves of grief that rolled over her.

Dixie Lee Brown lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by what she believes is the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. She resides with two dogs and a cat, who make sure she never takes herself too seriously. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, and trips to the beach.

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