Thursday, May 28, 2015

Glimmer by Beth Kery {ARC Review}

Glimmer (Glimmer and Glow #1)
by Beth Kery

After graduating from her M.B.A. program, Alice Reed is surprised when she’s recruited for the management training experience at legendary Camp Durand, owned by Durand Inc.’s young, billionaire CEO, Dylan Fall. The company usually recruits from Ivy League schools, not insignificant colleges like Alice’s.

Alice enthusiastically accepts, but she still wonders why Dylan would choose a girl from the wrong side of the tracks for the prestigious program. But after a passionate encounter one night, she discovers exactly why—Dylan wants her, and Alice can hardly resist his fierce sexual appetites, though she is amazed that she could appeal to an experienced, sophisticated man like Dylan.

As Dylan introduces her to thrilling, erotic territory, Alice discovers a delicious new part of herself. Night after night, she steals away to find ecstasy and escape in Dylan’s arms. But behind her lover’s powerfully magnetic facade, Alice senses darkness, secrets from Dylan’s past lurking in his beautiful, lonely mansion—secrets that are starting to haunt Alice. And the ghosts of the truth might tear Dylan and Alice apart forever . . .

Up until a few days ago I was a Beth Kery virgin... Shocking, I know! But now I can honestly say that I'll be going back and reading as many books of hers that I can possibly read. Seriously, this woman can write!

Glimmer had me captivated from the very first page and I couldn't put it down. Now I'm patiently waiting dying to get my hands on the sequel, Glow, which will be releasing in December.

The story starts out with Alice, our heroine, preparing for an interview for a position as a camp counselor at Camp Durand. Having grown up in a trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks with a meth head for a mom she feels that she has no hope of being offered the position but figures the interview will be a good learning experience. Of course she isn't expecting her interview to be with the CEO of Durand, Inc., Dylan Fall.

The interview doesn't exactly go that great and when Alice doesn't hear back about the position she begins going on other interviews assuming she didn't get the position. Imagine her surprise when she gets a call a few weeks later and is offered the chance of a lifetime.

As soon as Alice arrives at camp it's obvious she doesn't fit in with the Ivy League grads but quickly uses her snark to put the Ivy League girls in their place. Luckily, she does manage to make friends with a few of the guys, and even catches one of their attention. I thought maybe there might be a bit of a love triangle at first but that idea was quickly squashed, thankfully!

It isn't until the end of her first week at camp that Alice runs into Dylan at a fancy dinner at the Durand Castle, which happens to be where Dylan has lived since becoming CEO of Durand, Inc. The attraction between the two upon their second meeting is immediate but since she's trying to become an employee of Durand, Inc. nothing becomes of it at first.

But let me tell you, when Dylan and Alice do get together... It's smoking hot! I'm talking the best sex scenes I've read in a long time, hands down! The chemistry these two have is amazing and the way Alice gives up control so freely to Dylan's dominant side... Absolutely perfect!

Most of the book is told in Alice's POV but we do get a couple glimpses into Dylan's head which alerts us the the fact that things may not be exactly what they seem. Strange things have been happening to Alice since she arrived at camp and become even stranger when she starts spending the night in Dylans bed, but Dylan is quick to assuage her fears so maybe it's all in her head? Well, that is where the mystery comes in and it definitely adds a nice twist.

Once it all comes to light you almost want to hate Dylan for making Alice think she was going crazy but at the same time you can't help but love him for being concerned about her and everything she's been through... And once you get their background story you'll definitely forgive Dylan for his over-protectiveness of her.

If you love smoking hot erotic romance with a touch of mystery you should definitely check out Glimmer... And if you're a Beth Kery virgin like I was, I highly suggest you dive in head first and give Glimmer a go!

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Glimmer in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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