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First Time with a Highlander by Gwyn Cready {Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway}

First Time with a Highlander (Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands #2)
by Gwyn Cready

Coming October 6, 2015

From the “master of time travel romance”, award-winning author Gwyn Cready continues her steamy Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands series.

She needs a man—but only for a night

What do you get when you imbibe centuries-old whiskey—besides a hangover the size of the Highlands? If you’re twenty-first century ad exec Gerard Innes, you get swept back to 18th-century Edinburgh and into the bed of a gorgeous, fiery redhead. Gerard has only a foggy idea what he and the lady have been up to…but what he does remember draws him into the most dangerous and exhilarating campaign of his life.

Be careful what you wish for…
Serafina Seonag Fallon’s scoundrel of a fiancé has left her with nothing, and she’s determined to turn the tables. If she can come up with a ringer, she can claim the cargo he stole from her. But the dashing man she summons from the future demands more than a night, and Serafina finds it easier to command the seas under her feet than the crashing waves he unleashes in her heart.

When you write a fish-out-of-water tail, which is essentially what a time travel story is, some of the best scenes to write are the ones were the person who has time-traveled to the past has to face the new world around them and the new ways of doing things. In the case of First Time with a Highlander, this scene dovetails nicely with another sort of scene I like to write, which is to get the hero, the heroine or both naked as soon as I can in the book. I find it really helps the characters get to know one another. When you only have 350 pages, there’s no time to waste.

In this scene, Gerard, my ad man hero from the twenty-first century, and Serafina, the down-on-her-luck eighteenth-century owner of a small shipping concern, are running away from some bad guys down a street in Edinburgh. Gerard is still trying to figure out how he woke up in bed with a beautiful woman in the eighteenth century and why he can only remember the less interesting parts of the night they’ve apparently spent together.

“What happened last night?” he demanded. “What do you know?”

She pulled him down a close, one of those remarkable Edinburgh artifacts that were part dark­ened alley, part apartment hallway, and part barely navigable crawlspace.

“I don’t know everything,” she whispered. “But I remember some things—and I definitely answered that question for you. You were bawling like a wee baby.”

“I was not.”

“You were practically bawling like a wee baby out there,” she said, pointing to the street. “It’s 1706, and stop buttoning. Ye canna wear those clothes.”


“Take them off,” she commanded.

“Wait. What?” Gerard searched his head for what he knew about the turn of the eighteenth century. The answer, it seemed, was remarkably little. It was the start of the Age of Enlightenment, after Plymouth Rock and before the Continental Congress, both of which had happened half a globe away. He dug in the storage closet of his memory and shook the dust off the threadbare remnants of his secondary education for something of British history. Two queens—cousins, he recalled—and a beheading. Shakespeare. And something about corn.

A door opened, and a woman with a boy at her feet and what looked like a musket resting in her arms came into view behind Serafina.

“Take off your clothes,” Serafina repeated.

“Is he bothering ye?” the woman asked Serafina.

“Am I bothering her?” Gerard held up his palms. “You are hearing this, aren’t you?”

“Nae,” Serafina replied. “Just a wee skirmish about his breeks.”

The woman lifted the stock to her shoulder, and something made a small, metallic click. “I’ve not known a man to refuse a lady’s proper request regard­ing his breeks. In my experience, your sex usually can’t get them off fast enough.”

“Oh, we-ll,” Gerard said theatrically. “As long as the lady has made a proper request.” He unzipped his fly, looked at the women, and made a prim about-face. “And what, pray tell,” he said, kicking his finely tailored trousers to the cobbles, “would you have me wear instead, or do the folks in 1706 prefer bare asses?”

One of the women giggled, and he was willing to lay odds it was Serafina.

He felt something being guided around his waist.

“Hold that,” she commanded.

The wool was far less polished than his trousers, and yet the weave had a lovely hand, neither too thick nor too thin, with a pleasant worn-in smoothness.

She removed the belt from his trousers and tight­ened it around his waist. The ministrations, performed in the alley, with her before him, brought sparks of heat to his cheeks. Or perhaps it was the prickle of cool air on his thighs. Whatever it was, it certainly added to the sense of being well and truly alive that this world seemed to offer.

Gwyn Cready is a writer of contemporary, Scottish, and time travel romance. She’s been called “the master of time travel romance” and is the winner of the RITA Award, the most prestigious award given in romance writing. She has been profiled in Real Simple and USA Today, among others. Before becoming a novelist, she spent 25 years in brand management. She has two grown children and lives with her husband on a hill overlooking the magical kingdom of Pittsburgh.

Sourcebooks is very generously offering up a finished copy of the first book in the Sirens of the Scottish series, Just in Time for a Highlander, to one lucky Life With Two Boys reader.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me if you've read any Gwyn Cready books or if she's a new to you author.

Open to US residents only, ages 18+. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on October 6th. Winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Good Luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Lily B.


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