Thursday, September 17, 2015

Getting Back My Body with a Mommy Makeover {Guest Post}

When I first got the news that I was pregnant, I was over the moon. You can just imagine how happy I was. My husband and I were celebrating the joy of bringing new life into the world. We read all the right books, painted the nursery with a neutral color so that the boy or girl would fit in, and even started writing up a list of possible baby names. We kept telling ourselves that we were more ready to have a kid than anyone else in the world, and we believed it.

Bigger isn’t always better

As my pregnancy progressed, I kept getting bigger. At first, it was all sunshine and daisies and big happy baby bellies. As time wore on though I started to feel the real burden of pregnancy more than ever. The baby (who was revealed to be the most gorgeous little boy in the world) was getting bigger and heavier, and I was stuck with dealing with all that extra weight. I could only thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t having twins. I would probably have collapsed right then and there if that had been it.

Instead, there I was, bigger than a beached whale, expecting one as well. The day of delivery came, and it went as well as I hoped. I won’t talk about the niceties of labor. It’s not a very happy process, after all. After it was done, I held my boy for the first time and I felt that it was all worth it. At the time, anyway. I had already made plans before delivery to sign-up at the local gym and balance taking care of the little one while working out and getting my totally smokin’ body back.

Plans fall apart faster than a wet cookie

However, when it came down to it a year later, I was nowhere. My husband was working, as he should, and I had thought that I could juggle the responsibility of taking care of my baby while working out and getting in shape. So far, the only workout I had gotten was lifting myself out of bed every morning. I was feeling more and more insecure about my body and about the layers of sagging skin and stretch marks that pregnancy had left me with, not to mention boobs that seemed to love obeying newton’s theory about gravity.

I needed a solution, and I needed it soon. I spoke to a couple of friends, and one of them asked me if I want a mommy makeover in Scottsdale. I was pleasantly surprised when I researched this. It seemed like a very non-threatening type of surgery and I was all for it. So I went in for it when I could, leaving my son with my husband. A few days later, I was out, looking absolutely amazing. I could finally feel gorgeous again, with my tummy back in place and my breasts pointing where they were supposed to.

Getting a mommy makeover is definitely a choice that every time-strained new mom should think about making, because it is very worth it in the long run.

*Guest post written solely for Life With Two Boys.


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