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Bear With Me by Nicole Blanchard {ARC Review}

Bear With Me
by Nicole Blanchard

It wasn’t until Sullivan Thomas lost her parents in a car accident that she learned about the gift she inherited from her mother—though it felt more like a curse. A single touch is all it takes for her to see the past, be it a person’s or an object’s. When Sully meets Declan, a rugged Woodland Creek local, she finds herself blissfully unable to read him and even though something about him screams danger, Sully surrenders to desire.

A bear-shifter with a violent past, Declan Cain lives a present void of emotional entanglements. His solitary life in the vast forests of Woodland Creek is all he needs. Though when he meets Sully, the last thing he wants to do is cut her loose.

When her gift shines light on Declan’s past, the two are thrown into a whirlwind of mystery and intrigue. Danger mounts and secrets are revealed and the two must decide if risking their hearts is a price too high to bear.

I've been following Nicole Blanchard for a while now but this was my first time actually reading any of her work. While I really enjoyed Bear With Me, this is one of those novellas that could have benefited from being a full length novel. That being said, it was still a great read and I'll definitely be checking out her other books in the future.

Sullivan is an eighteen year old struggling with the death of her parents and trying to learn how to cope with the new "gifts" she received from her mom. Being able to see people's and object's thoughts and memories when you touch them can't be an easy thing, then you add in the fact that Sully's distancing herself from her twin brother because she doesn't know how to talk to him about it, and the poor girl is feeling pretty alone in the world.

When Sully and Declan meet there's an instant connection between them and things start to heat up rather quickly. The romance aspect was spot on in the beginning, in my opinion, but after some things come to light, the romance gets pulled to a halt and that was where my main issue with the length came in. I'm not a fan of heroes pushing the heroine away in general but the fact that this was so short made it hard for me to feel like their relationship was back on track when we got to the end.

Of course along with the romance we get some great mystery, suspense, and danger that made made up for the other issues that I had. And finding out who the baddie was? Totally didn't see that coming!

Overall, Bear With Me was a great paranormal romance and I can't wait to check out the other books in the Woodland Creek Series.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Nicole Blanchard lives in Florida with her family and their menagerie of animals. She chooses each day to chase her own fairy tale even if they contain their fair share of dragons. She is married to her best friend and owns her own business.

Nicole survives on a diet of too many books and substantial amounts of root beer and slim jims. When not reading, she’s lavishing attention on her family or inhaling every episode of The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory.

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Disclosure: I was provided with an ARC of Bear With Me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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