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His Young Queen by Tiff P. Raine {Blog Tour & Giveaway}

His Young Queen (Steel Jackals MC #1)
by Tiff P. Raine

Her mother’s drug addiction forced Tish O’Malley to grow up too early. It forced the two of them to move around constantly, so that no place felt like home. When the clouds finally parted and Tish found shelter and happiness for the first time in her life, her mother’s addiction was there to take that away, too.

After three long years, Tish’s sun returns to Queen Creek, and her secret love for this man nearly twice her age surges and is revealed when she makes an offer that shocks them both. An average man would have difficulty passing on a young, innocent woman willing to do anything to please him. How will a fierce alpha biker who has spent the last thirty-six months in prison fare?

Pretty damn well, Tish soon discovers. Because he’s Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan, the Steel Jackals’ viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms. But will Tish’s protector have what it takes to stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman she’s become? Or will he cave despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

She went over and pulled the door open, and looked up, and up, to meet a pair of eyes that were honest-to-God gold. She and the giant stared at each other for a few seconds, him frowning, her in awe.

“You didn’t ask who I was before you opened the door,” he said in a disapproving tone that was a low rumble.

Tish didn’t look away from those gold eyes. She knew adults didn’t like it when you looked away when they were speaking to you. “Who are you?”

His eyebrow moved up. “Josh Sylvan.” He put his hand out. “But my boys call me The Guardian. Your uncle sent me over to sit with you until your mom comes home.”

She shook his huge, colorful hand and stepped aside so he could enter the apartment. To sit with her? She didn’t need anyone to sit with her. Why would her uncle think she did?

“If I come by another time, and that door opens without you asking who’s on the other side of it, I’m not gonna like it. You got me?”


His big feet made solid thuds when he walked. She followed him into the living room and watched him look around. He picked up the book she was reading and flipped through it.

“You reading this?”


“Where’d you get it?”

“Our old landlady gave it to me last week. She said she finished it and didn’t want it back. She said I could keep it.”

He put it down. “Kind of heavy for a little kid to be reading, isn’t it?”

“Then I guess it’s lucky I’m not a little kid,” she said, completely serious.

He gave her a sidelong look. And then he smiled. “We’ll see about that.”

Tish O’Malley fell in love right then and there. She fell in love with her Uncle Nick’s best friend as a ten-year-old girl would her protector, and never would know when that love began growing, transforming into something deep and everlasting.

Over the next few years, for the first time in her life, Tish experienced a continuous stream of something most people took for granted; happiness. Josh, her defender, babysitter, playmate, and best friend in the world, became her beacon of joy and peace and everything good. He sheltered her from her mother’s poison and gave her a sense of security she’d never had before. He became her sounding board, the first she’d ever had. He listened when she talked, and seemed genuinely interested in her problems, big or small. He was gentle and patient and fun, but he could also be stern and unyielding and wasn’t afraid to give her shit when she deserved it, which wasn’t often. But best of all, he was always there.

Until the day he left.

An award winning, bestselling romantic suspense author turned erotic romance author, Tiff P. Raine writes about her possessive alpha males and their spirited women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. And, yes, she is a happily a reclusive cat-lady, but currently has only one beauty of a feline to keep her company.

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