Saturday, December 12, 2015

Rebel Love by Jodi Linton {ARC Review}

Rebel Love
by Jodi Linton

Coming January 4, 2016

She wants revenge...

The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club is Em Connors's only family, but she's ready to risk everything--both her club and her life--for vengeance. Ten months ago, she was brutally attacked and her lover gunned down by a rival gang member. Now, she's using her position as the Dirty Sinners president to track down the truth and exact her revenge.

He'll risk it all... 

With his partner murdered by a local motorcycle gang, Houston police officer Cade Jackson jumps at the chance to go back undercover and bring down the woman the department calls the Motorcycle Princess. But the sexy-as-hell leader awakens a hunger in Cade. Dark desires run deep--and he intends on teaching Em exactly how dirty he can be. But when his cover is blown, Cade must choose to uphold the law or protect the woman he's grown to going rogue.

Rebel Love was my first read by Jodi Linton, and while I wanted to love it, in the end it was just an okay read for me.

I was drawn to this one as soon as I read the blurb. A female MC president... What?! Of course I expected this total badass chick but, unfortunately, from the get-go I could tell I would be disappointed. Em tries to come off as a hardass but it's so totally unbelievable, especially when we're inside her head. And then once she meets Cade? She turns into a gullible little girl.

Don't get me wrong, I love an alpha male as much as the next girl, but I expected Em to be able to hold her own against Cade and that just didn't happen. Cade, however, was everything I was expecting him to be. He may be an undercover cop but he pulls off the alpha male biker so good... He's possessive, protective, jealous, hot as hell, and everything I was hoping for.

I wish I could say that the romance completely won me over but I just had a hard time believing it. Maybe it's because Em thought about her dead fiancee so much, or maybe it's just because I couldn't quite feel the connection, but I thought that Cade deserved a little more than what he had with Em.

Obviously the romance aspect fell a little short for me but I really enjoyed the suspense. We're told from pretty much the beginning who Em's dead fiancee's killer is... But the twists and turns throughout? Totally didn't see that coming.

Overall, Rebel Love was an okay read, not exactly what I was hoping for, but still enjoyable enough that I'm looking forward to Jodi Linton's next release.

Disclosure: I was provided with an ARC of Rebel Love through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Lekeisha said...

I have this one to read soon, but I'm not that excited to read it. I had to DNF one similar to it that released this week.

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