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Redemption by Alla Kar {Blog Tour & Giveaway}

Redemption (Huntsville #1)
by Alla Kar

His second chance may cost him his sweetest addiction …

The truth about NEVEAH’S cheating fiancĂ©e hit hard—but not as hard as her right hook to his jaw. After ridding herself of him she travels back home to Huntsville, Texas to her father and his boxing gym where she grew up. When she finds a beaten man in the woods beside her home, her entire life changes and things get—complicated.

Ex-con RAGE only wants two things—for the man that set him up to release his sister, and for him to burn in Hell where he belongs. After being released from prison, he heads straight to the man that put him there, only to be beaten and tossed in the woods for dead. When he’s found by the most beautiful girl he’s ever met, he knows he’ll have a chance to rescue his sister even though she doesn’t realize she needs saving.

Neveah and her father, nurse Rage back to heath, offer him a job at their gym and quickly find out that he’s amazing in the ring. Without them knowing who he is, he knows he’s been given a second chance to live his life. The only condition is that he has to stay away from Neveah, which is a promise he soon realizes is hard to keep. The feisty southern beauty normally gets what she wants, and Rage wants to give her everything.

With the truth lurking in the shadows, Rage must decide if his sweetest addiction is worth giving up his second chance.

Taking control of my fucking emotions, I swung over the ropes and into the ring. The guy across from me was the oldest I’d seen since we’d gotten here. He was also the biggest, but I expected them to match our opponents. There was no matching in prison. Whoever wanted to fight just fought.

Turning toward my corner, I saw Neveah refilling my water bottle. Her back was to me but her shoulders tense. “Hi.”

She swung around, her eyes dragged over me quickly. When she met my gaze her cheeks were stained red. She had a habit of ogling me without thought.

“Sit,” she said.

I took a seat in the foldout chair in my corner, letting my legs drop wide, watching Neveah’s eyes as they followed the movement. She lifted her chin, dipped her fingers into the Vaseline, and stepped between my legs to apply it to my face. She avoided eye contact, but those moss green beauties followed the steady rhythm of her fingers against my jaw. My dick pressed against my shorts, giving anyone that looked a clear view of how hard I was.

Neveah dropped her fingers to my jaw, sliding the Vaseline against my chin. “I like it on my chest too,” I whispered, fully aware of the little breath that left her throat.

Every bone in my body melted at the feel of her fingers on my chest. Goddammit, I was so hard. A low groan slipped from my throat, I moved my hips upward in a calming way, which caused Neveah to look down.

She stepped back, her fingers clutched around the Vaseline tub in her hands. “You’re ready,” she whispered.

I made no movement because I couldn’t. The way her right foot turned inward, a sign of shyness, rocked through me. Her Dad was right. She seemed strong and ready for anything but something hurt her deep. A whisper of a shiver raced over my skin. A need, bone deep, rooted in my stomach. I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted anything.

My name is Alla Kar. I live in the deep south with my fiancé and Chihuahua. I love to write about alpha males, southern gentlemen and swoon-worthy men! :)

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