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White Tiger by Jennifer Ashley {ARC Review}

White Tiger (Shifters Unbound #8)
by Jennifer Ashley

Coming April 5, 2016

Wanted and on the run...

For twenty years, Kendrick, a white tiger Shifter, has been the Guardian of un-Collared Shifters who spend their lives living in secret—and in fear of being shunted into Shiftertowns. When Kendrick’s group is discovered and forced to flee, Kendrick is more desperate than ever to protect them.

His only salvation was in a beautiful stranger.

In a diner in the middle of nowhere, lonely waitress Addison Price has seen a lot of unusual drifters come and go, but none has ever captivated—and intimidated—her like the imposing fugitive who wields a broadsword with incredible skill. But when he risks all to protect her, Addison’s fear turns to empathy—and empathy to desire as she learns more about her savior. Soon she’s more than willing to help the crushingly sensual white tiger and his cubs in a passionate bid for freedom. Whatever the cost.

I'm not usually one to start a series in the middle without having read the previous books first but after reading the blurb of White Tiger I just had to give it a go. I mean, a sexy shifter on the run with his cubs that's willing to help a damsel in distress? What's not to love?! That being said, White Tiger ended up being an okay read for me in the end.

Kendrick and his cubs have been showing up in the diner that Addie works in every night at the same time since they arrived in town but when they show up later than normal looking wary Addie knows something happened... What she doesn't know is that trouble's about to come knocking and she's going to be forced to leave her home to keep her family safe.

Kendrick is the Guardian of un-Collared shifters, as well as a father to three shifter cubs, and even though he knows he should stay away from Addie there's just something about her that won't allow him to let her go. And try as he might to keep a little distance between them there's no denying the mating frenzy once you catch it.

So there are a few things that I really enjoyed about this book... Addie being one of them. She's strong, not afraid to stand up for herself and others, and is just an all around compassionate person. And Kendrick, though not my favorite hero ever, did manage to grow on me throughout the book. The romance was pretty decent but I did have some issue with it that I'll get to in a minute, and the overall threat was definitely enough to keep me interested.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few things that I didn't enjoy about this one also. Addie making the first move totally ruined some of the romance for me... I want a hero that's not afraid to take what he wants and Addie having to make the first move and Kendrick constantly trying to keep his distance definitely left me a little disappointed. Once Kendrick stopped pussyfooting around things definitely took a turn for the better but it still wasn't enough to make me love it.

And the dreaded other woman drama... Ugh! Now don't get me wrong, I know romance isn't all sunshine and roses but this just went a little too far in my opinion. Jaycee is a member of Kendricks clan that's in love with him and even though her feelings aren't reciprocated I hate that Kendrick didn't put her in her place. And the fact that Addie had to put up with all her bullshit and stand up to her on her own? That was not okay with me!

So, like I said, there are some things I enjoyed and some that I didn't but overall this was a decent read. If you're a fan of PNR and my personal hang ups don't bother you, I think you'd enjoy this one... Unfortunately in the end I just wasn't able to love it.

Disclosure: I was provided with an ARC of White Tiger through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Carole Wooten said...

I have wanted to try a Jennifer Ashley book and this one sounds good. I don't care for other woman drama at all though. I may need to look for the start of this series. Great review!

Lekeisha said...

You lost me at the other woman. This is a series that I'd have to read in order so that I know all the characters and their back stories.

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