Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Make an Editor Smile: Submit to the #HWBlitz! {Guest Post by Claire Caldwell, Assistant Editor—Harlequin Heartwarming}

One of my favorite parts of being an editor is making “The Call.” For an author, The Call can feel like the culmination of months, or even years, of hard work. For an editor, though, The Call is just the beginning: and that’s what makes it so exciting for us. It’s an enormous privilege to be given the opportunity and responsibility of shepherding a promising manuscript toward publication.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching the #HWBlitz, an opportunity to submit to Harlequin Heartwarming and get quick editorial feedback. A few years back, we ran a similar submission blitz, which led to my first acquisition of a debut author, Sophia Sasson. Sophia’s first book came out in February, and she’s got several more in the pipes.

If you have a clean, contemporary romance of about 70k words, you could be the next author to get The Call!

Heartwarming stories don’t have sex, but they’re emotionally satisfying, relatable reads that can be just as exciting as sexier series romance books—in fact, the more exciting, the better! Get our hearts racing and have us reaching for the tissue box. We’re looking for high-stakes stories with active, motivated heroes and heroines, compelling plots, vivid settings and interesting secondary characters and subplots. You can check out our editor wish list to learn more about what we’d like to see.

Send us your first chapter and synopsis between April 4th and April 22nd, and we’ll send you feedback by May 20th. We might even request your full manuscript! But don’t worry if you haven’t finished writing it yet—there will be time for that later.

And here’s a little secret: this might be a great opportunity for aspiring authors, but there’s a lot in it for us editors, too. We’re hoping to come out of this up to our earlobes in fresh new voices for Heartwarming. So please submit! And keep an ear out for that ringing phone.

For more details on the #HWBlitz, visit our contest page, series guidelines and, of course, follow the hashtag on Twitter.

Good Luck!

We Want Your Book!

Call to action: Do you have a clean, emotionally satisfying contemporary romance that celebrates community, family connections and true love? If so—we would love to see it! We publish romance novels that are 70000 words, but do not have sex scenes. Romantic sparks—yes. Chemistry and attraction—a must. We also ask our authors to deliver engaging plots and subplots, realistic and appealing characters and a deeply moving love story. Heartwarming novels are warm, poignant and rich.

No explicit religious or Christian content. No paranormals, please.

Submission dates: Monday, April 4th – Friday, April 22nd at 11:59 p.m. EST

Writing tips: Follow the #HWBlitz hashtag on Twitter for exclusive content, helpful hints and more!

What Harlequin Heartwarming needs to see:
- A cover letter that introduces your book and includes any previous publishing credits, writing contest wins, or affiliations.
- A 4 – 6 page synopsis. What happens in your book—tell us the key moments, the crucial twists and turns, and how it ends! Show us what drives your story forward, including the internal and external conflicts your hero and heroine face to get to their happily ever after.
- The first chapter of your manuscript (up to 25 pages).

What you get:
- A quick response! Skip the slush pile and hear back from Harlequin within 20 business days after the submission period ends.
- Editorial feedback for every Heartwarming appropriate story received.
- The possibility of having your novel published in Harlequin’s Heartwarming romance line.

Heartwarming writing guidelines:

Where to submit: Visit


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This sounds like it would be great for anyone who has a book to publish that would fit their criteria. Thanks for sharing!

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